All about me.

Hi, welcome, my name is Jennie and I am the designer and maker of Shropshire Jewellery Designs.


I grew up in a creative family, we learnt to crochet, knit, sew and dabble in all things hands on. Watching my mom make beautiful wedding cakes and my dad weld and fix motorbikes, I feel making jewellery is a combination of both these things.


Being drawn to tiny beads and gemstones my jewellery making began with creating loom beaded bracelets, then adding basic metal skills. Since then I have gone on to take courses and push my skills further and further. 


Today my family and I live in the beautiful Shropshire, the surroundings offer so much inspiration. Our four daughters bring a fresh new perspective to my designs, they see the world with such enthusiasm you can't help but be swept along.


I am so lucky to have such lovely customers and I still do a happy dance as each order is received.